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ESD Safe Tweezer Set (Static Free) - 10 Pieces

  • $27.26

This static free tweezer set comes with 10 different types! This is a great tool to have when working with SMD components or anything with very small parts. This set of professional-quality tweezers will give you the tools you need for all sorts of high-precision work. The anti-static ESD coating prevents damage to electronic components, while the non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant properties of their stainless steel construction makes them perfect for hundreds of other hobbies and professions.


  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Size: Approx. 12cm/ 4.7inch.
  • Type of tip: Pointed, curved and flat.
  • Model: including ESD-34A / ESD-10 / ESD-11 / ESD-12 / ESD-13 / ESD-14 / ESD-15 / ESD-16 / ESD-17 / ESD-18.
  • Brand new and high quality Anti-static Stainless Steel Precise Tweezers Repair Tools.
  • Antistatic, Anti-magnetic and anti-acid.
  • Cutting-edge parts of pure manual polishing, fine workmanship.
  • Tips stay straight after long usage.

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