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Welcome to ElectronicSurplus.ca

Arduino, Sensors and Components and DYI projects.

We’re just like you, makers looking to find reasonably priced electronic parts in Canada. This problem is at the heart of what we do at ElectronicSurplus.ca. We offer incredibly affordable prices on electronic parts to everyone in Canada and United States

We also love hearing your feedback! Just send us your questions, thoughts, or suggestions in an email at info@electronicsurplus.ca or a message on the Contact Page. Let’s work together to create the best & most affordable online electronic parts shop in Canada!

Another problem we want to solve is not having the right code to get a project started. We include basic Arduino code right on the product page for each part we sell that needs a bit of startup code. Whether it’s code to get a 360 degree servo motor spinning all the way, or for a sensor to start spitting out useful numbers, we have it right there for you on the product page.

Think you have some better code, cool tutorials, or a blog? Send it to us, and we’ll credit you when it’s posted. Don’t forget to include your social handles and personal websites so we can add them to your post! You can submit content by emailing info@electronicsurplus.ca or by sending a message on the Contact Page.

Prefer using Facebook instead of going to websites? We got you covered. Go to our Facebook Shop, and never miss an update of your incredibly exciting life while getting amazing deals on electronic components! Remember to Like and Share Us!

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