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Arduino: Control 2 Servo Motors with a Joystick

In this tutorial you will learn how to control 2 servo motors using a Joystick module with the help of Arduino. 

What can I do with this setup?

Great question! The first video shows a clever setup using a pan/tilt bracket kit which allows you to mount a sensor to it and control which direction it faces (submitted by a fan ????). The second example shows how you could use the motor setup in an RC car to control both steering and speed.


Here is a list of the materials we used for this project. It’s not important that you get these exact same items, you can switch out any of these parts with something you’re more comfortable using.

Circuit Diagram

Here’s a quick look at the circuit we’ll be building. If you’re comfortable with building electronics, you can use this as your guide. But don’t worry! If you’re not so sure or get stuck at any point, we have step by step instructions below.


Control Servo with Joystick

Control 2 Servo Motors with Arduino

Arduino Joystick Servo Control